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Erin Lime Linen Dress

The Little That Lasts

We believe that when we make products both exquisite and durable, they possess an enduring beauty, which is immediately and intrinsically precious.  Like happy memories, our customers treasure these for a life time.

Making a difference

Saying "No" To Fast Fashion

Every second, the equivalent of a truck load of textiles is landfilled or burned, amounting to over half a trillion dollars of clothing wasted globally.  Furthermore, only 1% of material is recycled or upcycled into new clothing.  Consequently, this “take-make-dispose” business model driven by fast fashion is costing our environment.

We may be little, but we believe in doing things right to reverse the tide.

Socially Responsible


Our purpose is to be sustainable and ethically responsible when carrying out our business, so that future generations may not only treasure their heirloom, they may also inherit a better Earth.