We believe in making things well and making things last, sharing with our children what matters.  It is our aim to make every creation intrinsically precious. Like happy memories, each piece is treasured and passed on.

Based in Singapore, our signature pieces are produced locally using organic cotton, luxury Irish and fine Japanese linen, and heritage Liberty prints, and we work with like-minded craftsmen in the region who are ethical in their practice.

It is our hope to nurture a generation to value slow fashion and to take a more responsible approach to sustainability. In a world where mass production encourages wasteful behavior, traditional craftsmanship is often neglected.

We aspire to raise awareness of craftsmanship by employing handcrafted techniques in our creations and teaching one to appreciate quality over quantity.

We make playful vintage-inspired outfits and accessories that we hope you will cherish and pass down for generations to come.







About the Maker

A lifelong fan of Liberty prints, Eileen developed a passion for sewing whilst creating her children's wardrobe and nursery.  Through Elizabeth Little, she expresses her belief of preserving traditional sewing techniques and slow fashion, and makes each design in limited quantities.

Elizabeth Little's first capsule collection was born in the spring of 2016. Today, Eileen makes these vintage-inspired playful accessories and outfits with an aim of making each a timeless classic - things that last and can be kept as heirlooms for future generations.

"My aim is to make things that last years and are good for most of the year.  I don't believe in my customers having to buy something today, and having it go on sale tomorrow.  I like things timeless, which never go out of fashion and appreciates like treasures for the future." - Eileen