What level of protection does a fabric face mask provide?

Elizabeth Little does not produce medical-grade masks used by medical practitioners in clinical settings.  Our masks intend to filter large foreign particulates from the wearer while offering breathability and durability of cotton.  Single-Use surgical masks and N95 respirators still offer the higher protection against foreign particles, and airborne microbial.

"Fabric masks are not surgical masks or N-95 respirators. Those are critical supplies that must continue to be reserved for healthcare workers and other medical first responders. Fabric masks are used as an additional, voluntary public health measure." - www.cdc.gov

How does this wearing a fabric mask help during a mandated stay-at home period?

Firstly, we must underscore the highest importance of socially distancing oneself from members living outside your household during this critical period of quarantine.  Please take the guidance provided by the authorities seriously.  Stay at home unless critical.

Wearing a consumer fabric mask forms a secondary barrier of defense in our fight against COVID-19 by primarily providing the wearer a personal degree of protection while affording psychological safety.  More importantly, collectively, this effort enables medical frontline staff and healthcare community greater access to medical-grade N95 respirators and surgical masks due to the reduced competition for resources.

What is the filter media made of?

The filters used are polymeric media and these provide filtration by separating tiny foreign particulates from the air by trapping it within the media as it passes through the mask.  The combination of fabric and media is breathable and washable.

Why won’t you customise my favourite liberty print beyond those colours listed?

We have in mind a purpose toward sustainability.  Our masks are made from production offcuts and therefore, we offer limited selection of prints.  We apologise that we are unable to offer a customised service in this case.


Why do some masks of the same size appear comparatively larger or smaller?

As these products are cut and stitched by hand we recognise there is some degree of dimensional variation between operators and batches, which may appear obvious to the naked eye. This is, however, within our acceptable control limits at the time the goods were produced.  Nonetheless we endeavor to reduce such production variations wherever practicable.

How should I care for my fabric masks?

Fabric masks are made from densely woven Tana Lawn cotton from Liberty of London.  This fine yarn fabric, is made from from 100% Egyptian Cotton and printed and processed in Europe without the use of crease-resisting chemicals or irritating allergens.  We love it because it is light to the feel and perfect for a project to be worn on a warm summer day.  Despite its fine and delicate appearance, Tana Lawn is hard wearing, and Liberty’s design timeless.

Caring for Used Masks

1. For hygiene, masks should be washed after a day of continuous use, or when soiled.

2. Wash your hands right after removing the mask.

3. Wash the Mask in a container of soapy water (do not bleach), and leave to soak for 5 minutes.  After which, wash and rinse off soap thoroughly with clean tap water.

4. Leave mask to dry completely.  [Suggested to dry in shade]

5. Avoid ironing, applying excessive heat or heated tumble dry methods, as this would damage the filter media, and life and elasticity of the elastic band.

6. The 3 ply mask is designed for daily wear and we suggest to dispose the mask responsibly after 30 days of continuous use, or as soon as you notice its critical components have worn out.

Re-Use, Transfer and Refund

We suggest a the mask to be disposed after 30 days of continuous usage.  For hygiene purposes, masks should be personalised and should not be transferred to another person after initial use.

Due to the nature of the product, we are currently not accepting exchanges or refunds.

 Please allow 5 - 8 working days thereafter for delivery, due to ongoing Phase 2 measures.


New orders placed will not be combined with an earlier order, to be shipped earlier.



Buy A Mask, Gift A Mask

Mask orders placed from 7 to 14 April, and from 25 April - 30 June.

Thank you for your support!  Every mask sold gifted another cotton mask for a child from a vulnerable family. 

Which beneficiaries would benefit from your mask giving initiative?

Like many, we face challenges sourcing for child-sized masks and decided to sew our own. Knowing that many vulnerable families face difficulties purchasing masks, we birthed this idea within 2 days (5th of April 2020) and have been actively engaging charities to connect the supply of re-useable cotton child-sized masks to vulnerable families.  To date, the following organizations have identified needy families whom we hope will benefit from the giving effort:

  • Methodist Welfare Services, Singapore
  • Prison Fellowship Singapore
  • Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home
  • Epworth Community Services
  • The New Charis Mission
  • The Salvation Army
  • Tampines East Welfare Committee
  • Melrose Home @ Children's Aid Society
  • Beyond Social Services
  • KK Women's and Children's Hospital, Singapore
  • CHIJ St Theresa's Convent
  • Greenwood Primary School
  • Fei Yue Community Services
  • Heartfriends BASC
  • Aldersgate Praise Centre
  • SHINE Children and Youth Services
  • Fairfield Methodist Primary School
  • Hougang Sheng Hong Family Centre
  • MINDS Woodlands Gardens School

Buy A Mask, Aid A Child

Mask orders placed from 15 April - 24 April

With the success of our earlier campaign of aiding children from vulnerable families, we will now donate 20% of all proceeds from Mask orders going forward to Community Foundation of Singapore’s Recess@Home programme.

“Recess@Home under the Sayang Sayang Fund will provide $800,000 in funding for meal support to disadvantaged students, to ensure that they do not go hungry during the circuit breaker period. Besides primary school students on the Ministry of Education’s School Meal Programme, other needy students such as those from Special Education schools and tertiary institutions will also benefit. “ - Community Foundation of Singapore