Liberty's iconic designs on Tana Lawn are distinct in our creations.  This fine yarn fabric, is made from from 100% Egyptian Cotton and printed in Europe and Japan.  We love it because it is light to the feel and perfect for a project to be worn on a warm summer day.  Despite its fine and delicate appearance, Tana Lawn is hard wearing, and its design timeless.

Tana Lawn fabric (Magnified)

History of Tana Lawn

Tana Lawn was introduced by Liberty's fabric buyer William Haynes Dorell after the First World War, naming it after Lake Tana in Sudan, which was an early source for the yarn.  Originally printed with Liberty's renown floral designs, it quickly became Liberty's most popular fabric.

"A beautiful cool, crisp cotton Liberty Tana Lawn is internationally regarded as the best fine cotton in the world. Chosen for its similarity to silk, it has a very fine thread count which gives it a luxuriously light feel and although it is very fine, it is extremely durable." - Source: Liberty