Made-to-Measure Memories with Joline Lim

Over the years, we’ve loved working on your milestone outfits — every piece is as special to us as they are to you. Through each piece we make together, we get to know a little more about who you are and how you live.

Coordinated family outfits are our most popular request for the Lunar New Year, other family occasions, and photoshoots. We’ve had the privilege of working with long-time customer, Joline, and her family for a few years now, and always look forward to seeing them around this time of year. We usually meet at pop-ups, but this year — we were so excited to have them as one of our first guests at our new studio!

Along with her husband, Alvin, and her three spirited sons, Joshua, Timothy, and Christopher, Joline came over to try on new designs for the upcoming festivities, discuss their family outfits, and explore the new studio.

Joline, her husband, Alvin, and her three spirited sons, Joshua, Timothy, and Christopher, wearing their customised Lunar New Year outfits from earlier this year.

Joline, what drew you to Elizabeth Little?

I’ve always been drawn to Liberty fabrics because of the wonderful prints and quality, but with three boys, I’ve never had the opportunity to buy frocks for the family. I also wanted to coordinate outfits with my family, but most places had “father-son” and “mother-daughter” twinning, with few places coordinating the whole family’s outfits.

Elizabeth Little was perfect as they offer options for my three young boys and my husband. Being able to “twin” with the boys was the icing on the cake!

We’re honoured to have been working together on family outfits for two years now. Can you share how this tradition began?

The Lunar New Year has always been a special time for the family as it allows us to meet our extended family that we may not meet regularly. Ever since our oldest son, Joshua, was born, I would prepare pieces that my husband Alvin could “twin” with, and it became a family traditions of sorts when Timothy and Christopher came along.

It also allows for great family photos! I savour every moment of it as I know the boys may not want to “twin “ with us anymore when they grow up.

One of the first steps of the bespoke tailoring experience. In the studio, Eileen showcases different bolts of Liberty fabrics to Joline and Alvin. 

What’s your favourite part of the bespoke tailoring experience?

Eileen knows my family really well now, and her attention to detail is impeccable. I rely so much on her to help me choose colours and fabrics. I also used to shy away from prints, but Eileen’s pieces have taught me to appreciate and enjoy them instead!

As tailoring happens a few months before the Lunar New Year, she also takes into account that our boys are growing throughout — and quickly too! When the clothes are ready, she helps to fit the boys, Alvin, and myself. There were occasions where we had to make alterations after the pieces were ready, and she always helped us graciously.

Snapshots of the made-to-measure process at Elizabeth Little. 

Do your children or husband enjoy the family outfits as well?

Alvin is conscious about loud prints, so Eileen always ensures the choices are well suited for everyday wear.

Getting three young boys into collared shirts is not an easy feat as they are always running around and prefer to be in T-shirts. However, the boys are always excited to receive these pieces as they know it’s going to be comfortable. The fabric Elizabeth Little uses is so comfortable that I’ve not had any issues getting the boys to stay in their outfits the whole day!

On the left, Joline high fives Timothy after deciding on a shirt design they're happy with. On the right, Alvin checks the fit of a new design on their eldest son, Joshua.

Do you have a favourite made-to-measure piece from Elizabeth Little? What does it mean to you?

I love the cheongsam that Eileen made for me for CNY this year. It has a long backstory.

Back in 2019 when I first met Eileen at a Hyatt pop-up, I asked her to prepare a piece with butterfly sleeves as I love the flowy nature of it. It isn’t something Eileen does frequently, but she agreed to check with her seamstress to see whether it was possible. Later, Eileen told me she had tried a few samples, but had not perfected one with butterfly sleeves.

Fast forward to 2021 — the first thing she mentioned when she saw me was that she was happy with the sample sleeves and could finally make me a piece — I was thrilled! She encouraged me to choose a print that I would never have chosen, and the cut of the cheongsam and placement of the prints were so perfect. I couldn’t stop admiring it when the final piece reached my hands!

Eileen also chose the perfect linen shade to tastefully pair with for Alvin and the boys’ shirts. It was the first Chinese New Year we celebrated in our new house, and it made the occasion more special.

Joline and her family in their bespoke Lunar New Year outfits, from 2020-2021 (left to right). Images c/o Joline Lim

As many of you know, we’re so excited to finally have our own design studio! We’re so grateful we get to work with you to continue creating customised pieces, and we hope that everyone will visit us to discover our full collection and enjoy the bespoke tailoring experience.

Our Lunar New Year collection will launch on Thursday, 2 December 2021. The collection will feature pieces made with exclusive Liberty Art fabrics that can be customised for yourself and your whole family. Bespoke outfit requests for the Lunar New Year close on 11 December, so do book an appointment to visit our studio to get started.

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