A Step by Step Look at our Made-to-Order Experience

We know made-to-order clothing can sound fancy, but the process is far less intimidating than it sounds!

At Elizabeth Little, we always encourage our clients to consider made-to-order because we believe you wear a design more often when you love everything about it. This doesn’t just reduce consumer waste in the long run, but also helps to keep production sustainable as we only create your clothing when an order is placed. You may also be heartened to know that our made-to-order designs are largely completed in Singapore by local artisans.

To ease your comfort, let us take you through the made-to-order experience in our studio.

1. Try on designs that catch your eye.

Liying wears the Laurel Dress in Irish linen, a studio exclusive design. 

Visit us during our monthly open houses (no appointments needed), or make a private appointment to see the full range of designs available. Whether you prefer to have the space to yourself or keep your schedule free and easy, the shopping experience is similar. 

We always want you to have the time and space to try on designs you might like. There is never any pressure to buy, even if you make a private appointment! We would love for you to slow down and think of this as a spot of me-time: take a while to understand what feels good on your body, or what prints and colours you are drawn to.

2. Found something you like? Explore the design possibilities.

From changing the print of a dress to modifying sleeves and necklines, there are many ways you can customise your made-to-order clothing.


Like a design but want it in a different print? Customise it at no extra charge!* Our full fabric range is available at the studio for your perusal. Prints may be limited depending on how much fabric the design requires (e.g. a circle skirt will require more fabric than a pencil skirt), or if you’re looking for family-coordinated outfits. We will be able to advise you on what’s available in our studio.

You can also customise men’s and boy’s shirts by choosing coordinating Liberty trims on men’s and boy’s shirts (along the placket, pocket, collar, or sleeves) and the base colour of the shirts.*

* Material chosen must be of equal value.

Design elements

Our womenswear patterns are built modularly, which allows you the flexibility of putting together your dream outfit simply by choosing elements from existing designs. You can pair the bodice of a dress with the skirt of another, change a short sleeve to a longer length, or even modify the neckline. You will be advised on any additional charges that apply.


The only thing that cannot be changed about made-to-order clothing is the measurements of each size. Our patterns range from sizes 1-5 (UK 6-18) in pre-determined specifications. Extra charges apply for orders in sizes 4 and above. We are able to accommodate minor alterations with extra charges, but also recommend taking it to a trusted tailor of your choice!

3. Confirm your order and anticipate its delivery!

Our made-to-order designs are sewn right here in Singapore by a team of meticulous and experienced tailors and seamstresses. All made-to-order designs have a lead time of 8 weeks and will be delivered directly to your doorstep once it’s ready. Just like shopping online, full payment is due before we begin work on your special order.

Curious to discover the design possibilities for you? Book an appointment at our studio!

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