nani IRO

nani IRO Kokka Japan Fuccra : rakuen B Linen


nani IRO  Textile 2018

nani IRO Fuccra : rakuen by Naomi Ito for Kokka

"“Rakuen”, a world where flowers and birds sing that is overflowing with light.
More sophisticated color schemes have added to guide us to foreign lands.
Each textile has the name of a beautiful place in the world." - Naomi Ito

100% linen

  • Fabric Type: Linen
  • Composition: 100% Linen
  • Roll Width (finished/usable): 106 cm/ 41"
  • Made in Japan

Cut Sizes

  • By The Metre, cut as a continuous piece
  • 1 yard is appoximately 0.9 metre
  • All images © by Naomi Ito from ATELIER to nani IRO & KOKKA co.,ltd

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