Be Bold and Courageous, Sew Liberty!

"Oooh, it's so precious that I can't bear to cut into it!"

"I'm so scared of making an error if I use it!"

"What if my project doesn't justify the beauty of the fabric?"

"Did I just waste my Liberty fabric?"

"Is Liberty fabric really worth it?"

Are the above sentences common to you? When it involves sewing with Liberty Art Fabrics, these are familiar responses we often gather. We understand the stress when it comes to cutting these precious Liberty and hope to encourage you to Be Bold and Courageous!

Do not be stressed! Sewing with Liberty Tana Lawn is a breeze especially when pre-washing the fabric is unnecessary. A unique quality of Tana Lawn fabric after its first and subsequent wash is its negligible degree of shrinkage.

What we love about Liberty Tana Lawn!

This fine yarn fabric, is made from from 100% Egyptian Cotton and printed in Italy, United Kingdom and Japan.  We love it because it is light to the feel and perfect for a project to be worn on a warm summer day.  Despite its fine and delicate appearance, Tana Lawn is hard wearing, and its design timeless.

Step 1: Select a project - sensible, appropriate for your skill level, and suitable for the nature of Liberty Tana Lawn. Be realistic.

Tana Lawn is perfect for quilting, dressmaking and even as an upholstery fabric. At Elizabeth Little, we love Tana Lawn for childrenswear, blouses, skirts, blankets and wall hangings.

Step 2: Simply gently press and steam the Tana Lawn fabric with a steam iron, and you are ready to go! Just relax, plan your projects as usual and start cutting. 

Step 3: Secure your paper patterns on Liberty Tana Lawn, position and cut. To assemble, we love sewing our Liberty with SCHMETZ Microtex needles (70/10) or (80/12) for the precision piercing and just the sound of "poke, poke, poke".

When sewing with Liberty Tana Lawn, you will come to appreciate its smoothness, lightness and ease of sew. The fabric frays little and holds well during the sew.

Step 4: Liberty Tana Lawn X Aurifil Thread. Nothing comes in between. Try Aurifil and you will be hooked! At Elizabeth Little, we use Aurifil 50wt, 40wt and sometimes 28wt.

Step 5: Pause and breathe. Yes, you have cut and sewn a piece of art. Admire and Smile. It is after all, Liberty Art :)


Step 6: Neat finishing, extra touches. French seams, smooth binding, neat hemming amongst other finishing touches elevates the quality and beautiful of Liberty Tana Lawn, giving a final "Oooh La La" applause.

Step 7: Dress your model, if applicable and take an Instagram picture! Cheers!!!!! Your Liberty project is accomplished! 

7 Simple Steps for your Liberty project! Fret not, procrastinate not. Pick up a Liberty Tana Lawn fabric today from and create a little magic today!

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

And remember to hashtag us #elizabethlittle & #elittleproject!

Have fun sewing Liberty! 



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